Lead the campus fashion

G.NA shows the dry wind that is the opposite of the sexy stage. The rough material jacket and the crisp colored jeans pants create a clean and bright atmosphere, and decorate with pink casual bags. This style can add vitality to the campus.

The jacket not only can be collocated with the body pants, but also can be mixed with a variety of elements such as dresses and hot pants. The design of a jacket like Girl’s Day in the color or the cuff part will make it feel neat and tidy.

To create a free and easy with the freshmen atmosphere, can focus on the field of basic leisure jacket, khaki, dark blue, yellow and other colors are good choices.

Khaki field casual actor Jin Zhengmin to personalized with cowboy tights collocation black collar, double breasted, interpretation of the handsome charm and loose T-shirt collocation, the style is naturally easy.

Classic velvet casual jacket

Casually walked several men’s clothing store, feel. This can not blame you, just wear usually year-end dinners and festive celebrations when the velvet jacket has a superb collection of beautiful things to fill the shelves, even more than tinsel, cards and wrapping paper on the earlier year after year.

However, the number of velvet jackets more leisure and sports style, rather than random imitation of semi formal dress and evening style. From Giorgio Armani (Giorgio Armani) to Dolce & Gabbana (Dolce &Gabbana) and Gucci (Gucci), the designers have recognized that originally belonged to the dandy wearing luxury fabrics, and let it go to stately.

Gucci creative director Freda Jia Nani (Frida Giannini) said: “has been the iconic Gucci velvet fabric, mature charm it gives men like nature itself.” In the autumn and winter clothing show this year, the designer launched a platinum gray and dark purple two velvet sports jacket, which is matched by black jeans, weekend bags and loafers, which sells for 1610 euros. “This autumn and winter, I added a small lattice and bright pattern on velvet, and the pattern of jackets is constantly renovated,” Hanane continued. “This means that jacket can be worn at any time during the day or at night. With casual wear and formal dress, I think it embodies the confidence of the modern people to break the rules. “

Camouflage elements are always so cool and classic for boys.

The cooling of the whole country has brought a wave of cold air. The first few days of warm weather, but the streets of Ji’nan men’s wear handsome spring. Whether the jacket has a heat preservation function, or in green or camouflage cool cowboy style, or cute elements, let us see the low-key Ji’nan brother is how to create your own fashion details.

The black and white elements are not always cold, and they can also make such a warm male route. There is a black and white lattice rules and balanced beauty, short coat collocation small turtleneck and black jeans is a low-key perfect, love sports and leisure for boys, backpack and sports shoes is an integral part of a single product.

Deng Chao advertising money clover blue coat, both sides can be wearing a casual jacket, printing is coming full thickness, and also just for this season. For boys, sport and leisure are always their favorite.

The pilot jacket is the hottest style in this winter

If you ask me what to wear the winter coat, seal Jun will not hesitate to answer the pilot jacket, popular N years is almost essential one, than in the warm cotton no underdog, but less of a bloated feeling more than a handsome. Clerk jacket is not only in the past few years some new stuff, “dream goddess” Marilyn Monro wore B-15 jacket directly make the models become a classic.

Natalie Portman, the heroine of the classic movie The Professional, is impressed by the rebel and handsome appearance of the pilot jacket. The reason why pilots jacket is durable for many years is that it is very good match. No matter what style of single product can be given new life, it can also find your own handsome when it’s warm.

The pilot jacket with a pair of jeans is perfect, classic, neat and handsome with a little retro flavor makes people look very stylish, regardless of collocation boots leisure Sneaker, capable of, or a stiletto sexy, stylish index will go up slowly. The pilot jacket with a pair of jeans is perfect, classic, neat and handsome with a little retro flavor makes people look very stylish, regardless of collocation boots leisure Sneaker, capable of, or a stiletto sexy, stylish index will go up slowly.

Business casual wear in spring

The clean lines of the Harrington jacket is “the best interpretation of business casual style”. Although it was created for golf, it became the best endorsement of the self and unruly rock spirit since 60s. The brand launched a variety of styles of Harrington this season, doomed this spring is the best city for the shuttle.

Very few people will be Harrington jackets (Harrington jacket, also as “Harrington jacket”) and golf together, but it is indeed the earliest creation for the sport. In 1937, the British brand Baracuta designed and launched a rainproof jacket called “G9”, which is designed for golf male. G is the golf of golf. Although the G9 jacket is made in Britain, it has exported a lot of America. In 50s, it began to be popular in the United States because of the American celebrities’ personal interpretation. In 60s, American TV series “the well-being of the world” (Peyton Place) in the UK hit, the character Rodney Harrington wearing G9 jacket is impressive, London’s famous “Ivy store” (The Ivy Shop) owner John Simmons therefore gave G9 “Harrington” nickname spread very quickly, eventually replaced “G9” is the name.

British descent Harrington jacket epidemic in the United States but will promote the trend in the UK, 60s became a British Moss group (Mod) and de rigueur skinheads. For the youth to old in all ages, more and more brands to the design and production of Harrington jackets, including Yves Saint Laurent, Ralph Lauren and Fred Perry, at the same time, in the continuation of the traditional has injected new vitality into the fashion Harrington jacket.

American-styled casual jacket

Denim jacket style is not limited to the tough and handsome tooling, gentle style also be nothing difficult. In winter, especially in the cold winter, a cowboy jacket is not only mild, but also warm.

Even people who are used to business gentry need some American style of leisure and change. Besides, the boundary between “formal” and “leisure” is becoming more and more blurred. Even jeans that represent casual style can match the suit coat and even wear red carpet. But in contrast, casual jeans or denim jacket quicker than all-match, after all the replacement is more convenient than the coat and trousers.

As a symbol of American style leisure, the cowboy jacket originated in the Renaissance of Europe. The original denim jacket with scrap denim production during the two process, is now the quilt patch style, by the United States Levi s “brand promotion to the world after the denim jacket is due to frequent appearance in the western United States in the movies, and labeled the cowboy label bold. In fact, the style of cowboy clothes is changeable. Wearing it as a winter “sandwich” in the black coat, it can achieve balance between normal and leisure. Wearing it outside the checked shirt will add a style to the rough dressing.

A model of business and leisure in the workplace

When choosing modern workplace men to enhance their workplace image, they pay more and more attention to dress advantages, cover up their shortcomings and show their corresponding status and status. In the men’s clothing category, the high cost performance and high quality business leisure jacket has won the favor of many professional elite.

In many of the men’s brand China, Rimula men’s jacket to market sales in the first category in the men’s market. According to the survey of consumer groups: General Rimula men’s brand positioning high-end version, simple fashion, can fully display the charm of men. This year, the launch of 2015 new autumn k-boxing, attracted wide attention of consumers and fashion circles.

Rimula offers formal style, stand collar neat fine, simple fashion, can fully reflect the men’s side. And the version of the type of innovation, fit the needs of different men, consumers can find their favorite models in Rimula men in. A trim slim suit collocation classic stylish shoes, silk tie collocation elegant shirt, all men’s style. If you put a pocket towel, in suit above the pocket is also increasing the male charm punchline. In addition to the formal occasion, such a dress can give people a full sense of trust.

Become a handsome gentleman on t-shirt and jacket

There is always reason for a bias to overcome. The classic jacket after continuous evolution, has left the frills, the only constant is the core, handsome and casual. Men wear it, always a concave feel to have a unique style, especially when the jacket has a special design details, it can reveal the charm out of the ordinary men, make the wearer in imperceptibly have good karma.

Young is not afraid of color, even hat jackets as the clothing of youth culture, naturally has a variety of colors. Lilanz in adhering to the “simple” brand of tonality, by creating five different color printing jacket, a fashion dress and the two black and white color all-match long sleeved T-shirt to the interpretation of fashion. Why don’t you try these five good wear colors at this time, so that you can get out of the street.

I have to say that blue is an omnipotent color in a boy’s collocation. Its loveliness is that it can be both a casual style and a serious temperament. This jacket has high Yan value, especially strong durable. For daily fitness punch men wear this jacket can not only highlight the crisp figure, even in a large stretch, also not afraid to wear wrinkle, you can easily keep cool Look!

High-end business and casual jacket

Loyal to the pursuit of higher quality and better design, better service effect, efforts to build the brand in Britain, Italy, Chinese and meta Chinese Hongkong international elite design team. By the world’s top luxury designers as creative director, Co Italy menswear designer and type designer led, professional in the field of business casual men, with high-end design and exclusive flower type, multidimensional attitude and meet the quality requirement of dressing group wealth increasing.

Simple atmospheric business series and new quality business men elegant taste to highlight the exquisite sense of design, the details of the perfect color and minimalist design originality outstanding low-key, ingenious stitching and high-grade fabrics in more chic like nature itself, to take effect in the winter season with mature elegant bearing wear level.

The fashion business is committed to creating a series of urban metrosexual man fashion, comprehensive consideration of business and life needs of the party situation. The tidal current elements of profile, long edition, hooded and baseball collar match with the theme flower pattern designed by the exclusive Italy designer. The brighter colors highlight personality expression and create fashionable and unpublicized impression of men.