A model of business and leisure in the workplace

When choosing modern workplace men to enhance their workplace image, they pay more and more attention to dress advantages, cover up their shortcomings and show their corresponding status and status. In the men’s clothing category, the high cost performance and high quality business leisure jacket has won the favor of many professional elite.

In many of the men’s brand China, Rimula men’s jacket to market sales in the first category in the men’s market. According to the survey of consumer groups: General Rimula men’s brand positioning high-end version, simple fashion, can fully display the charm of men. This year, the launch of 2015 new autumn k-boxing, attracted wide attention of consumers and fashion circles.

Rimula offers formal style, stand collar neat fine, simple fashion, can fully reflect the men’s side. And the version of the type of innovation, fit the needs of different men, consumers can find their favorite models in Rimula men in. A trim slim suit collocation classic stylish shoes, silk tie collocation elegant shirt, all men’s style. If you put a pocket towel, in suit above the pocket is also increasing the male charm punchline. In addition to the formal occasion, such a dress can give people a full sense of trust.

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