American-styled casual jacket

Denim jacket style is not limited to the tough and handsome tooling, gentle style also be nothing difficult. In winter, especially in the cold winter, a cowboy jacket is not only mild, but also warm.

Even people who are used to business gentry need some American style of leisure and change. Besides, the boundary between “formal” and “leisure” is becoming more and more blurred. Even jeans that represent casual style can match the suit coat and even wear red carpet. But in contrast, casual jeans or denim jacket quicker than all-match, after all the replacement is more convenient than the coat and trousers.

As a symbol of American style leisure, the cowboy jacket originated in the Renaissance of Europe. The original denim jacket with scrap denim production during the two process, is now the quilt patch style, by the United States Levi s “brand promotion to the world after the denim jacket is due to frequent appearance in the western United States in the movies, and labeled the cowboy label bold. In fact, the style of cowboy clothes is changeable. Wearing it as a winter “sandwich” in the black coat, it can achieve balance between normal and leisure. Wearing it outside the checked shirt will add a style to the rough dressing.

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