Business casual wear in spring

The clean lines of the Harrington jacket is “the best interpretation of business casual style”. Although it was created for golf, it became the best endorsement of the self and unruly rock spirit since 60s. The brand launched a variety of styles of Harrington this season, doomed this spring is the best city for the shuttle.

Very few people will be Harrington jackets (Harrington jacket, also as “Harrington jacket”) and golf together, but it is indeed the earliest creation for the sport. In 1937, the British brand Baracuta designed and launched a rainproof jacket called “G9”, which is designed for golf male. G is the golf of golf. Although the G9 jacket is made in Britain, it has exported a lot of America. In 50s, it began to be popular in the United States because of the American celebrities’ personal interpretation. In 60s, American TV series “the well-being of the world” (Peyton Place) in the UK hit, the character Rodney Harrington wearing G9 jacket is impressive, London’s famous “Ivy store” (The Ivy Shop) owner John Simmons therefore gave G9 “Harrington” nickname spread very quickly, eventually replaced “G9” is the name.

British descent Harrington jacket epidemic in the United States but will promote the trend in the UK, 60s became a British Moss group (Mod) and de rigueur skinheads. For the youth to old in all ages, more and more brands to the design and production of Harrington jackets, including Yves Saint Laurent, Ralph Lauren and Fred Perry, at the same time, in the continuation of the traditional has injected new vitality into the fashion Harrington jacket.

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