Camouflage elements are always so cool and classic for boys.

The cooling of the whole country has brought a wave of cold air. The first few days of warm weather, but the streets of Ji’nan men’s wear handsome spring. Whether the jacket has a heat preservation function, or in green or camouflage cool cowboy style, or cute elements, let us see the low-key Ji’nan brother is how to create your own fashion details.

The black and white elements are not always cold, and they can also make such a warm male route. There is a black and white lattice rules and balanced beauty, short coat collocation small turtleneck and black jeans is a low-key perfect, love sports and leisure for boys, backpack and sports shoes is an integral part of a single product.

Deng Chao advertising money clover blue coat, both sides can be wearing a casual jacket, printing is coming full thickness, and also just for this season. For boys, sport and leisure are always their favorite.

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