Lead the campus fashion

G.NA shows the dry wind that is the opposite of the sexy stage. The rough material jacket and the crisp colored jeans pants create a clean and bright atmosphere, and decorate with pink casual bags. This style can add vitality to the campus.

The jacket not only can be collocated with the body pants, but also can be mixed with a variety of elements such as dresses and hot pants. The design of a jacket like Girl’s Day in the color or the cuff part will make it feel neat and tidy.

To create a free and easy with the freshmen atmosphere, can focus on the field of basic leisure jacket, khaki, dark blue, yellow and other colors are good choices.

Khaki field casual actor Jin Zhengmin to personalized with cowboy tights collocation black collar, double breasted, interpretation of the handsome charm and loose T-shirt collocation, the style is naturally easy.

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